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We are pleased to be able to share from some of our clients below:


“ I have used Andrew Tindell's services several times from supply of hardware to the construction and implementation of a RAID array backup for my business – He has a remarkable insight into the world of IT hardware and software and all the issues and problems one can face on a daily basis running a business or simply with your own home PC.” Sion Leslie - RealTime Promotions Pty Ltd

"When we first called Andrew our IT was was a mess with too many 'band aids' holding it all together. Not only has he overhauled everything so it all works seamlessly, he has fixed all of the small problems we were unaware of that could have easily urned into major problems if we had not been alerted to them. Now we are safe, secure and operating at full speed!" Coogee Boys' Preparatory School, Randwick.

I have used Andrew to solve IT issues for more than five years - both at a corporate and small business level. His knowledge, experience and sound advice has helped enormously over the years - I couldn't survive without him! Whether your IT issue is a one-off or you require ongoing service, Andrew Tindell can sort it and advise you on the most logical, cost-effective solutions. Lisa Kroon - YellowPeg Marketing




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